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The Sunflower & icare

We at icare, when Started our journey, went through the natural course of selecting the Brand and ways to convey what we stand for while our Name     i-care represents the promise which we make our customers…the sunflower represents our philosophy.

Let’s pay a revisit the Sunflower Philosophy.
The Sunflower virtually represents Sun in its most accessible form to the nature. The Sun flower follows the Sun to grow, they gain energy and strength to grow an reach their full potential blossoming from the light & warmth the sun provides.
The Sun’s energy gets trapped in the yellow petals of sunflower. A Sunflower naturally understands which direction to face to obtain the most light and energy possible. The Sunflower shares the blessings of growth they have received from the sun with everyone they come into contact with – seeds of Hope.

icare learns from the Sunflower – gains strength from the teachings . we at icare stand firm in our convictions to share the light and energy with our consumers to bless them with joy and mobility to move on in Life.

iCare Vision

To touch every human life who needs physical assistance across the Golden – by providing affordable Healthcare Support Solutions

iCare Mission

To become most preferred Brand in the Healthcare Support Solution Market by Trade as well as End User, in India Subcontinent by 2012 – by providing most affordable – Value for Money and most widely available Products and Services